Listening to the rain and lying on my bed, I tried to make the rainfall and dim light out of sight by pulling the comforter over my head.

I was depressed and I knew this bad mood was not only for another Monday.

Last Friday, I stayed with my grandmom overnight. Without computer, phone calls, and alarm clock, I expected a peaceful night over there.

However, my boss kept ringing me for some issues that could be dealed in office later on.

For his peace, I sacrificed mine to reach Navian many times when the pointer ran over 11.

"What time is it over there? 10? 11?" Navian asked when the conversation was brought to an end.

I forced a laugh, "nope, it's 12pm."

That night, I almost cried.

As everyone is excited about the coming festivals, I didn't know what could I expect.

Christmas? No. I worried the engineer won't be available when we need him.

New year? No. I will have nowhere to go but stay in my hotel room.

Chinese New Year? No. I'm afraid not to be back until the engineer go home.

In the last month, I looked backward the whole year which flied too fast to remenber what happened.

Last year, I had good time in Haulien.

This Year, I had interesting experience in Taitung.

However, that was all. ALL.

For office life, tough.

Work, work, and work. I even had no idea what did I work for.

For private life, even more tough.

Trouble, trouble, and trouble. I even had no confidence how to get alone with my families.

Memery flashed through my brain. yeah, right, what a messed-up year.

The clock rang again. Oh, well, whatsoever.


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  • pie
  • (*pat pat)hang in there!!
    next year will be a better year!!cheer up:)
    you are mary, you can do it~