Can't believe it's gonna happen tomorrow.

I'd been eager badly for the trip for 2 years.

However, when it's in front of me, I can't feel real over the truth. 

Tomorrow, it's tomorrow!


As Kylie asked how's my preparation, I became speechless because my truck was left emptily. 

Gosh, I felt so panic!

Hardly remeber how to get ready for overseas treval since I didn't experience any overseas trip in the past 2 years.

But I was lucky enough for the place I was been there 2 times even though the memery became a vague idea back of my mind.


My brother wondered why I went Kyoto so many times. I barely answered him as knowing he would never understand.

For many people, traveling just like collecting points. 

Actually, I was one of them since trevaling overseas cost a lot, time and money.

Therefore, I can understand why people are not willing to spend the both on one place.

I never expected coming back again when I took a trip to a place.

But the truth was, two times in Bali, two times in Kyoto (and the third time is going to happen. XD), 

and I will visit NYC again someday indeed for my best friend living there.

Of course, I'd like to visit more places if I have enough time. (Money was less concern for me.)

However, working in Taiwan, getting a 5-day-more vacation not combined with public holiday is simply impossible.

I remembered Ruby was kind of regretful when I asked her where was her next target.

America was her wish. If knowing what's the diffenrece between hope and wish, you would understand why she was regretful.

(And I knew "APPLE" cost her an arm and a leg. XD)


I just fulfilled my third year of working. My boss is very very nice. 

But he's still a "boss" reluctant to let his fellow leave office for long especially for a small company.

So, I seldom asked for 2-day-more leave.

Upon the completion of 2 projects, they almost claim my life, I couldn't put up with heavy work load without vacation anymore.

Hence, I tried to mentioned my "hope" to him by telling how eager I was to have a rest.

Thanks to the off-season, finally I got the premit from him. 

(Of course, I didn't expected him taking 10-day vacation before mine. XD It was so wonderful to get 9 days off following "10 free days in office". LOL)


Ha, even I'm panic now, my trip will happen as plan by tomorrow.

Please pray for me and push me to get my truck asap. XD

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