24th Mar.

It's now past mid March. As temeperature goes up, the steps of Sping is getting closer. Pink, purple and light gray, I tried to make my look ready to welcome the blossmy season. However, these soft colors couldn't make me feel the warm inside. Instead, cold went through my body and frozed my heart, only the heat of tears reminded me of the frail hope. I never changed my FB profile picture until today, it's all black now. If you still believe these protesters are monsters, or have no idea about the event, please, here I beg you to turn the TV off and move your feet to the site if you can. I won't tell you what's the truth or which side to take but encourage you to take a look what's happened at site, keep reading more articles online, and access all kinds of media. Then, you will know what you are supposed to do or not to do. God bless Taiwan.


17th Mar. 

Nice weather today! Two weeks before, I was sick. This week, I expected my period would come for several signs. Therefore, I went nowhere but died on my bed for 2 weeks. But that's fine. I spent too much time and money for fun in Febuary. It's time to save time for myself and find somethong for free XD. Now, I'm going to share what I was indulged in these days. 

First of all, I knew it was kinda late but finally I started with the popular sitcom, How I Met Your Mother The story is about a group of friends in New York City. It made me think of my favorite, Friends, for the similar backgroud setting. Just like the Cafe Central Park in Friends, the main characters usually hang out in a bar. Besides, most of the stories happened in Ted and Marshall's mansion. Until I finished the first season of it, Friends is still the classic one. To be honest, I couldn't get the point what they were laughing from time to time when the jokes were about American culture. But the reason I watched sitcom is learning English.  If I just wanted to have fun, I would have chosen The Big Bang Theory that I barely understood what they were talking about without the subtitle XD.


Second, I couldn't stop dressing my nails with LUNASOL EX023 for weeks.


The mediumpurple is almost same as lavender but a little deeper. The tender color can go with almost every style and make your fingers lighter. The similar ones in my hands: OPI P16 which is lighter, and UNT PR065 which is more in pink tone. I was suprised by its extremely elegent color and easiness to use with its fast-dried and long-lasting features. Of course, the price is highest in all my collection, but it's affordable than Chanel or Dior. Highly recommend LUNALSOL EX023 for you!

Third,  I spent a lot of time on Taobao these days. Ah, I didn't forget what I just said: saving money. Don't worry, Screen shopping only! According to my experience, things in Taobao usually have fair price. But you'd better not expect the details. Furthermore, our bloody government is ready to rob our money from these overseas shopping. More parcels to your address, more changes to get the tax bills. That's why I stop talking about group buying. Thunder chocolate booms for some reason. Many people want to make money from this sensation by importing chocolate from Japan. I heard most of chocolate got stuck in the Customs. Only paying off the tax can complete the clearance. I never want to deal with the shit as an agent between buyers and sellers! So, sorry, if you want to buy something from Taobao, I won't help you to do it but teach you how to do it. Thanks for your cooperation :)


The faux fur vest was from Taobao two months ago. My brother said I was James in Monsters Inc.. Damn it!


13th Mar.

I had nothing to do in last two days since my boss was on business trip. Today, he was back in office and assigned me piles of work, including the translation of 36-page Indication. He gave me one day to make it all done but I didn't give a shit. Usually, if I can't do something well, it might mean it's difficult for me. Why does people who can't speak English think translation is easy? It doesn't make sense!


12th Mar. 

I've got a cold, maybe.  

I suffered from nonstop running nose and cough last weekend. Taking medicine usually make me better but this time is a little bit weird. No matter how much medicine I took or how much time I slept, the situation just remained the same, getting no worse and getting no better either. So, I thought maybe it was not a cold but seasonal allergies. It's middle March and spring is coming. I had similar experience last year but couldn't remember what occured on me...

After 25, I can feel youth is leaving. Staying up all night used to be a peice of cake when I was in teens. And now, it makes me feel dying. I never knew what was allergy until I got it last spring. In addition, the serious skin problem last winter due to the temperature drop forced me to go to doctor many times. Afterwords, I have to apply oil every night to protect myself from dryness. It's time to face the music that I'm getting order... I'd better get pumped for exercises such as jogging or stretching.  


3rd Mar. 

Spoiler warning: Key plot details are revealed in this piece. 

Last night, I spared some time for a popular movie "Love Is Not Blind" (失戀33天). It was an interesting little story about breakup and love. It started with the first day after breakup and ended in the first day of loving again.

I like the movie but I don't like the ending. For this story, the theme should be breakup instead of finding love, I think. If the man and woman could be friends or potential lover in the end, it could make the movie not a cliched love story but a prominent creation.  

Maybe it was my first time to expect an open ending that I usually hate. Does it mean I'm grown up? Xd

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