16th Apr.

Happy hump day! I ran out of all the anecdotes for this journal. There has been nothing else but shopping reviews can write in regular post. I tried to keep on my travel notes but found it should take forever. Please be patient if you are waiting for it...


13th Apr.

Kay was back. Actually, she had been back for almost 10 days. For the trip to Kaohsiung, we didn't have dinner together until the last evening before she left. We chatted about recent days, Ivan, and his girlfriend. Yeah, besically, we gossiped. Well, our life was too dull to spice up our dinner. So...we were sorry, Ivan. XD But, don't worry. Most of time, we told about Lilly. She was going to have a new name for her job. Kay recommended "Lycheebaby". Lilly was unwilling to take it because she thought no one would like to have fruit name. "That's why we ask you to add 'baby' in the end." Remember, Lilly, don't even try to argue with Absolut Lust. You would never win. BTW, her office name was settled--Ooolivia. 


11th Apr.  


I was surprised by a postcard from Vietnam in the evening. "What's wrong with Kay?" With the impolite question popped up in my mind, I read the lines and feel the warm inside. She mentioned 2015 is our 10th anniversary. Can't remember how we met each others. But I believe most of us became friends in Karen's reading class. We put on a show every Monday evening and got closer. Of course, I hardly remember all the details after years but realize how happy we were in college days. I'm a lucky one to have you guys in my life. For the time being, all of us are lucky to be single so that we can hang out a lot. Lol.


10th Apr.

Finally, here comes the first post for April English Journal. I just recovered from cold and transeasonal allergy gradually. In addition, time flew when the Sunflower Movement went on. It distracted me from daily routine and blog keeping. Today, the movement is about to come to an end in Parliament House and usher in a new stage. The significant event shook my world, and I believed so do yours. No matter which side you take, it's undeniable the movement is a good lesson for the Taiwanese.  Are you still asleep? Time to wake up.



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